The company started from designing and manufacturing plastic injection molds. Manufacture of metal stamping molds Plastic forming Paint coating Including the production of finished electrical appliances under the trademark "Elecworld"

Motorcycle Parts

Consisting of COWL R / L,

Spareparts For Automotive

Consisting of Cover Engine, Lever Assy, Ashtray, Insulator Power engine etc.


Consisting of an iron,
Water distillation machine, multi-purpose electric pan , Casserole, electric warmer, etc.

Multi Purpose Engine

The customer has ordered the product and we include Weight-Zlo, Lever Assy, Insulator Motorcycle etc.


The company has grown and expanded the integrated production business. Starting from the design of metal stamping molds Plastic forming Sheet metal forming and metal machining Plastic coating

Injection Mold & Pressdies

Surface preparation and size of metal raw materials With the Grinding Machine machine and then cut the metal with a CNC

Plastics Injection

The company has a Injection Molding Machice with various sizes ranging from 50 - 900 tons clamping force to support production.

Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet metal forming with modern machines and AC servo motor system to ensure stable and precise mobile system stability

Painting / Silk Screen

At present, we are one of the leading manufacturers of 1K and 2K plastic coatings, silkscreen

Motorcycle Assembly

COMPONENT PART assembly work, with both cell line with expert staff, 1 to 1 parts assembly, meticulously

Electrical Parts Assembly

COMPONENT PART assembly work, with both cell line with expert staff, 1 to 1 parts assembly, meticulously

Company policy

Nam Yong Chemical Industry Company Limited recognizes that everyone has equal self-worth and dignity. Therefore giving importance to respecting human rights which is the basic virtue of work and coexistence

Strive to develop To advance to the highest standard in international level 
Speed of work Create satisfaction for colleagues and customers
Press releases that are constantly moving
Commitment to develop work to promote And protect the environment Including complying with the requirements And environmental law
Committed to continuous organizational development on time, quality products
Committed to being a manufacturer of automotive parts and electrical appliances